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Zanzibar Beach Holiday

Your destinations in Zanzibar



The capital of the Zanzibar archipelago. It is recommended to spend 2 or 3 nights the time to discover local life and enjoy the activities around Menai Bay.



The tourist area of the island, also, the one and only beach easily accessible for swimming (little impacted by the tides). Known for its festive atmosphere in the night market.



The second busiest area of the island. An area very popular with kitesurfing enthusiasts and families looking for tranquility and rest on the edge of a wild and authentic beach.

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Beach Holidays
in Zanzibar between rest and adventure

Is there a lot to see and do in Zanzibar?

The answer is yes. Home to traditional coastal villages, excellent wildlife and some of the best dive sites in East Africa, Zanzibar is a paradise well worth visiting. Although rest and relaxation on the beach is the indulgence of travelers to paradise islands. Zanzibar will never cease to amaze you. Beyond the translucent waters, Zanzibar is full of natural and cultural riches which makes it a perfect destination formingle  adventure, rest and discovery.

With more than 10 monuments and more than 30 activities on the island, we create tailor-made packages according to your choices and desires.


Whatever formula you choose, we take care of the entire management so that you can fully enjoy your holidays without worrying about the time of the driver's visit, the organization of the interactivity driver or even the reservation in your restaurant on the lunch.

Zanzibar Accomodation Categories

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from 50€ per night 

Basic accommodation with an average location and 1 or 2* amenities

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from 120€ per night

Mid-range hotel with good service and 3 or 4* facilities

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from 550€ per night


Upscale 5* hotel with luxurious amenities and quality service 

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Great Luxury

from 800€ per night

Exceptional accommodation on private islands, in a luxury hotel or in a mansion

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Romantic Zanzibar

Let's celebrate your love in Zanzibar

A marriage proposal, a wedding ceremony or a honeymoon? Zanzibar is the ideal island to celebrate love. Our advisers will be able to accompany you in the preparation of your romantic stay by creating a trip according to your wishes and your budget.

A dinner by the beach, a marriage proposal in your overwater bungalow, an aperitif cruise aboard a traditional sailboat or even a romantic tandem parachute jump? Everything is possible in Zanzibar. 

Contact us to submit your request and your desires via WhatsApp.

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Your romantic dinner in Zanzibar

Safari from Zanzibar

We offer Safaris from Zanzibar over 1 or more days.


All our packages are all inclusive, from hotel to hotel. You can choose the Safari that best suits you based on your interests and budget.


Basic packages are available for short safaris from Zanzibar and we can also create bespoke packages. We offer our customers budget and luxury safari packages.


Whatever the package chosen, we take care of all your transfers, meals, accommodation and payment of fees and taxes. We take care of the management so you can focus on your Safari and fully enjoy the experience without worrying about the organizational details.

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Your Safari from Zanzibar

Request for tailor-made stay organization

Our travel experts are ready to start creating your dream African adventure. Contact us by filling the form or through WhatsApp.

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