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Ascent of

Mount Kilimanjaro

Our Kilimanjaro Routes


Rongai road


A trail that winds along the northeast side of the mountain near the Kenyan border, Rongai offers another side to Africa's most famous mountain. The route attracts fewer climbers than Marangu and Machame, which means the wilderness seems particularly pristine. Fewer crowds means there is a better chance of seeing wildlife on the Rongai Trail than on other routes. This route also approaches Mount Kilimanjaro through rural land, allowing trekkers to see Chagga village life.

Machame Road


Although longer and more strenuous than the Marangu and Rongai trails, the Machame route has become a popular choice for trekkers in recent years. The 40 kilometer trail passes through cloud forests and moorlands to the glacial precipices of Kibo's south face. Unlike the Marangu and Rongai routes, trekkers descend via the Mweka route – a steep but scenic path through dry mountain desert and lowland forest.

Marangu Road


This five-day climb is the most popular and direct of the Kilimanjaro routes, traversing vast grasslands, fields of giant cacti and alpine meadows backed by dramatic mountain peaks. This is also the only route where camping is not necessary, with trekkers sleeping in huts scattered along the way. The 35 kilometer uphill walk is well maintained and the views from the top are stunning. As the Marangu course is shorter, the acclimatization period is also shortened, which impacts the overall pass rate of the course.

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On the roof
of Africa

We offer ascents of Mount Kilimanjaro through different routes. You can select the one that best suits you according to your interests and budget.


Specialized packages are available for groups, and we can also create attractive packages for honeymooners.

We offer our customers budget and luxury trekking packages.


Whatever the chosen package, we take care of all your transfers, meals and accommodation. We take care of the management so you can focus on your climb and fully enjoy the experience without worrying about organizational details.

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